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The Always Hoodie


Product details

This one is all Jon — he wanted the same chill vibe as our old kangaroo half-zip, with the option to cool off.

It has a full zipper that's extra-long (it comes a little way up the hood) because we love how it looks and how you can hide in it. The extra-long zip is also really practical on chilly days to stay warm or hide from the elements. Hence the name "Always Hoodie." Same laid back cut, same material, never normal.

Our SS22 logo is on the back and the cuff tags are in our tone-on-tone.

  • 45% organic cotton | 42% cotton | 13% poly
  • Made in Turkey

Sizing: The FW22 Always Hoodie has more room under the arms than our previous versions, but we recommend going for similar sizes.Also note, since there is a zipper from top to bottom it does feel a little longer than our Basic Kangaroo Hoodie.

  1. Johnny is182 cm tall wearing black M
  2. Benni is 185cm wearing cream, chalk, and marron M
  3. Jon is 180 cm tall and wears L.