What is this brand all about?

C'est normal is not a typical name for a clothing brand. It is far more a statement challenging you to think about what you believe to be "normal".

In the dictionary it says:

normal - Conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.

We think that "normal" is an inner truth we create, shaped by the experiences we made in our lives. Different from everybody else's. It defines our horizon and what we believe to be possible. 

This brand challenges you to re-think what is possible, ask the questions you want to ask and never let anybody else shape your inner truth. Normal can be a limitation, but depending on how you define your normal it can also be a goal worth pursuing.

Every single product of C'est normal is designed to be somehow special. Our T-shirts don't have a seam, the Hoodies have zippers sewn on the outside and every product is sent in a 20 foot container.

We refuse to conform to a standard, produce something typical or do the expected.

We want to do it the C'est normal way!

Our Team

Jon & Janni Olsson Delér

They founded C'est normal together with Rickard earlier this year and take care of the design, content and marketing of this brand. Every single product you see in this shop is designed by them.

Rickard Delér

As an experienced businessman Rickard decided to join Jon & Janni on this adventure and is in charge of the business strategy and models some of the products here and there.

Christian Goossens

He worked with dozens of production facilities from all over the world and recently joined the team as production manager. He makes sure you receive your products on time.

Benjamin Ortega

Editing Ninja and creative mastermind is his work title. Benni is mostly in charge for the content you see on our social media channels, like Youtube & Instagram.

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