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The Oversized Hoodie



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You have Janni and Klara to thank for this awesome new hoodie in the collection. The Oversize Hoodie was 100% designed by them, making every detail of it exactly the way they wanted it!

This comfortable and classy hoodie can be styled in so many ways, from a dress to a lounge set.
This is also the first hoodie we have produced with no hood logo to achieve a minimalistic and lowkey look that can be dressed up or down. The Oversized Hoodie also has our updated silicone printing for a refined and long-lasting logo print.

  • Janni (170 cm) and Klara (165 cm) can’t decide if they like SM or ML better
  • Fabric is 45% organic cotton 42% cotton 13% polyester
  • Made in Turkey

Important note: Kangaroo Halfzip and Kangaroo Hoodies are not in the women's section. This is because Janni and Klara were so excited about their women's only collection, they wanted to focus their energy on those products. However, Janni still loves the kangaroo and kangaroo half zip hoodies. From the last two previous launches, all women's and men's sizes were identical. And now, we have increased each size by about a 1/2 size from last collection to this collection. Hope that helps pick your size accordingly if you're a women and still want those products! 🙏