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The Original Sweatpants



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If there’s one thing we really love, it’s sweatpants.

Since we work mostly from home it ends up being our go to pants a little too often haha.  

And that is why we have perfected them in every way. 
We have added some elastan to our fabric to make it more stretchy, which means you can sit down and bend your knees and stand back up again without having knee prints sticking out. 

This was something we really didn’t like on sweatpants with a fairly fitted style like ours. Also, we love zippered pockets. As we are sure most people agree, it truly ruins your day when you jump out of the car only to realize that your phone has slid out of your pocket and is smashed or lost. 

We have kept the fitting identical on these from day one and usually that's a very sure sign that we are very very happy with them!

  • 92% cotton | 8% elastane
  • Made in Turkey

Sizing: This are around one full size tighter than the Basic Sweatpants.

  • Klara 165 cm is wearing size S
  • Janni is 165 cm is wearing size S