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The Forever T-Shirt Center Logo


Product details

Over the past couple years we have seen a number of comments to bring back the original center logo so we finally did an Instagram poll and 41% of you wanted it... so we were like, why not do a drop just for you as the original center logo is still one of our all time favorites!

The Forever T Shirt is one of our favorites as it has a long story.

It started with a T-shirt both Jon and Rickard had for almost 10 years, a T- shirt that only looked cooler over time, never wrinkled, and stayed a perfect fit for years.

The Forever T Shirt is made from a special blend of materials we sourced after lab testing Jon and Rickard’s favorite tee.

And you should note, there will be a some pilling on the shirt after two to four washes, but this pilling will not get worse. This shirt is made to last you for years and years, all while looking and feeling amazing.

We love it!

Most people are one size smaller in this shirt than our previous Original T-Shirt as the special blend of fabric shrinks much less.

  • Benni is 185 cm & 80 kg wearing size L
  • Jon is 180 cm & 85 kg and is wearing L
  • Fabric is 63% poly & 33% viscose and 4% Elastane
  • Made in Turkey